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At Westbridge High School, she befriends oddball Jenny, meets and develops a close relationship with football player Harvey Kinkle and becomes rivals with the popular captain of the cheerleading squad, Libby Chessler.On her sixteenth birthday, Sabrina discovers that she is a witch.However, she returns to her natural blonde color in the sixth season.She has also shown to have a variety of hair lengths, with typically always having it a little longer than shoulder length.

Sabrina's two catchphrases throughout the entire run of the show are "Woo-hoo! " She gets made fun of a few times because of her constant use of these phrases.In the beginning of the show, she discovers that she is half-witch on her father's side.The adventures of the series show Sabrina as she deals with the day to day trials of being a teenager (and later, an adult) as well as being a witch.Sabrina is very socially aware and will often speak out against unfair treatment of injustices against those around her.Her often bubbly personality can occasionally be annoying to some around her, which she realizes when Valerie begins turning into her exact duplicate in the third season and when both Roxie and her cynical boss Annie comment on her consistent cheeriness.

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