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Pool tables, TVs with live sports and other tourists and expats add to the great atmosphere and overall popularity of these bars.You can find these kind of foreigner-oriented bars on Jalan Falatehan I in Jakarta, as well as on Jalan Legian in Kuta Bali. There are no such girly bars in other cities like Bandung, Yogyakarta or Surabaya – partly because there are fewer foreigners, and partly because the authorities don’t really like to have too many of these places around.See also: Having Sex With An Indonesian Bar Girl No matter how many prostitution places get cracked down by the authorities in the future – there will always be night clubs with freelancing girls in Indonesia.Most of them are obviously found where the majority of tourists go – Jakarta and Bali.Even though Indonesia is a muslim country and prostitution is illegal, there are hundreds of thousands of sex workers all over the country.So yes, to some extent the industry is comparable to Thailand where the “oldest profession of the world” is also illegal by law, but mostly tolerated by the authorities.But there are also quite a few hookers on that site as well, and they will be ready to skip the dating part if you agree to pay them some money.Online prostitution is huge in Indonesia, partly because the authorities make it so difficult for the girls to work in the bars, and partly because more and more guys prefer the convenience of making arrangements right from their hotel rooms, instead of actively going out and looking for girls.

Bunker and Terminal in Jakarta are clubs filled with prostitutes. Blok M definitely isn’t what Prostitution is supposedly illegal in Indonesia but the city of Jakarta contains numerous large clubs that rival the sex saunas of Macau in terms of size and services available.

Just check out my guides to each place where I’ll tell you exactly which clubs are best for picking up girls (for example X2 in Jakarta or Sky Garden in Bali).

You will find small massage salons and spas everywhere you go in Indonesia.

You can find Panti Pijat for example in a side alley off Jalan Ps.

Kembang in Yogyakarta, or in a slightly different form in the infamous X-Houses in Sanur, Bali.

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