Jo and lucas still dating

Acted with Christopher Fennell in three movies: The War (1994), The X Files (1998), and Cold Mountain (2003); both had their acting debuts in The War (1994) with Kevin Costner.In The War (1994), they played the two youngest brothers in a family of bullies, and in The X Files (1998), they played two of the three boys who discovered the black oil.In 2000, he was seen with Matt Damon in All the Pretty Horses (2000).A good student, Lucas graduated from Speake High School, class of 2001, where he played football, basketball and a little bit of golf.) I need you to give us back Martin Luther, take Martin Shkreli (Take! Damn, you took a true king, a true brother from us This a fuckin' marathon, but they runnin' from us Now everybody got guns, nigga's up to something And every gangsta wanna prove that they tough or something You know it's not fair, tell the truth, I've been in my feelings too But if you took Emmett Till, at least take Dylann Roof At least take James Holmes, I ain't even mad at that Just bring back Whitney, and give us Michael Jackson back Feds want me in the slammer, damn Ain't no justice for Sandra Bland, we up like the ceiling fan Lord, if you listenin', I'm just lookin' for a hand to hand Take out the fuck niggas and give us back our fam again Drownin' in my tears, tryna pray for something (Woo!

[Intro] Father, forgive me [Verse] I'm staring at this Bible as I keep glancing Dear Lord, I got questions and I need answers Tryna understand your vision, all I see is damage Just a bunch of dead bodies in the street camping A bunch of lost souls on their feet standing We supposed to be your children, I thought we family You're supposed to be my Father, bruh, I need answers We don't need to die young, we just need chances Tired of living on the edge so we keep scrambling Tryna talk to these strippers but they keep dancing We just wanna be number one like Steve Francis Bow our heads, say a prayer, now the seed's planted Everywhere I turn, I'm seeing MC's vanish Lot of good niggas gone, I don't understand it Lot of families lost in the streets stranded I ain't tryna disrespect you, I just need answers I know you're watching us from heaven thinking, "Who to save?) I been screaming "Thug life" in every different hood (Thug life, thug life) If only you could bring him back, Lord I wish you would Give us Biggie, give us Pun, give us Triple X Take that nigga Trump with you, that's a bigger threat There's too much power for a coward with no intellect That's a bigot with a collar, there's a disconnect Niggas dying, Mama crying, Grandma need a tissue Niggas shootin' up a church, now I need a pistol All them niggas still livin', you don't see the issue But how you take Selena and then you take Aaliyah with you? Our fathers and our sisters and our cousins from us?I ain't tryna disrespect, just need to meet up with you (Lord) I ain't tryna overstep, just want to reason with you (Lord) Give us back our loved ones and take the evil with you (Lord) Send them suckers straight to hell, they don't need a vigil (Woo! Got these children getting murdered while they double dutchin' Wonder why the fuck you take Nipsey Hussle from us?You should just pick the part where you can just be yourself.[About turning down a part in The Horse Whisperer (1998) because he was required to change his accent] [on golfing skills in 'Utopia' film] I'm a real golfer.

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