K9 sex chat

I was actually the first guy he'd agreed to share his dog with.

He'd helped couples before- the women getting the dog while the husbands watched or helped- but never a single guy. He eventually let Maverick up on the deck so that we could meet.

We watched is straight k9 videos first-- women getting the knot, etc. He was very interested in these scenes, as he had been fucked before but never really watched other guys getting it. Evidently he knew what was about to happen, and was VERY excited for it.The cock is immense- all pinkish and veined and spurting a watery jet of cum every second or two. Then I put the pointy tip of the dog's cock to my lips-- then tongue the dog's head.I know that I have to taste it, so I aim the cock at my mouth. The idea of this is so taboo to me that I get incredibly turned on.I drove the two hours back home in a haze thinking "what did I just DO?"Two days later I was jacking off and remembering how great it felt.

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