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Kaspersky also merely neutralized two pieces of malware instead of completely removing them, a distinction that the other testing labs don't take into account.No other product did as well in SE Labs' 2018 tests; only Norton and ESET came close.It had no false positives in any of those tests, the only one of the antivirus brands we regularly review to do so.MORE: How to Buy Antivirus Software In four rounds of very granular tests conducted by England's SE Labs throughout 2018, Kaspersky Internet Security prevented infection by 100 percent of malware three times, and 99 percent the fourth time.The midrange Internet Security has everything most people need, with parental controls and a hardened browser.They're our choices in the premium and intermediate categories for best Windows antivirus software.We've never seen any convincing evidence that Kaspersky software is unsafe to use for civilian purposes, and until we do, we'll continue to recommend it.Antivirus Protection Kaspersky's malware protection has three main elements: file-signature scanning to catch known threats, behavioral monitoring to spot unknown "zero-day" malware, and cloud-based analysis of suspicious software uploaded from users' machines.

The license covers Kaspersky software for Macs, i OS and Android.

Kaspersky's System Watcher feature includes heuristics-based ransomware protection; if you do get tagged by encrypting ransomware, System Watcher can roll back key files that were overwritten.

Antivirus Performance Kaspersky's Windows antivirus products, all of which use the same underlying malware technology, do very well in lab testing of their malware detection and removal abilities.

It detected all malware but failed to stop one of 25 directed attacks of the sort you'd see carried out against "high value" targets such as corporate executives or political figures.

Ordinary consumers won't need to worry about such attacks.

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