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“You see how the audience responds — it’s so amazing.

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“Each one of our records has been a little more produced sounding, a little more hi-fi,” says Harris, who adds that the group continues to release bare-bones demo versions for fans who prefer the old sound.

“If for some reason Westin was to quit, we would just keep soldiering on and making more Spinal Tap jokes.” The Thermals ultimately signed a one-record licensing deal with Portland’s Kill Rock Stars label, while maintaining ownership of the master recordings.

Though Harris is looking forward to eating his mom’s home cooking, drinking iced tea on the patio and shopping at Streetlight, his heart is firmly in Portland.

For the last 16 years, the Thermals have been a constant in the ever-shifting Portland experiment.

At beloved bars now long gone, or on the speakers at a house party, they took us through three presidents and our rise from a city with cheap rent accessible to artists to ... When they announced they were disbanding in April, it came out of the blue for fans, but for the band, the decision was anything but hasty.

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