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William Ebenstein, executive director of Reaching Up, said, "He was always concerned with the working poor, and his family always had an interest in helping them." In 1989, Kennedy earned a J. He then considered creating a magazine with his friend, public-relations magnate Michael J.

Berman – a plan which his mother thought too risky.

He also worked with some of the Kennedy special interest projects, including the East Harlem School at Exodus House and Reaching Up.

After the 1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco, Kennedy returned to New York and earned ,000 a year in a position at the Office of Business Development, where his boss reflected that he worked "in the same crummy cubbyhole as everybody else.

The local priest said that they "ate what the people of Rabinal ate and dressed in Guatemalan clothes and slept in tents like most of the earthquake victims," adding that the two "did more for their country's image" in Guatemala "than a roomful of ambassadors." In 1979, the John F.

Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston was dedicated, and Kennedy made his first major speech, reciting Stephen Spender's poem "I Think Continually of Those Who Were Truly Great." There, he co-founded a student discussion group that focused on contemporary issues such as apartheid in South Africa, gun control, and civil rights.

Other credits include The Lord of the Rings, Wonderful Town, Gypsy, Major Barbara, A Chorus Line and a national tour of Mamma Mia!

He graduated in 1983 with a bachelor's degree in American studies, and then took a break, traveling to India and spending some time at the University of Delhi, where he met Mother Teresa.After his uncle Robert was assassinated in 1968, his mother took him and his sister out of the United States, saying: "If they're killing Kennedys, then my children are targets ...I want to get out of this country." In 1971, Kennedy returned to the White House with his mother and sister for the first time since the assassination.There, Kennedy worked for Charlie Manatt, his uncle Ted Kennedy's law school roommate.From 1989, Kennedy headed Reaching Up, a nonprofit group which provided educational and other opportunities for workers who helped people with disabilities. In the summer of 1992, he worked as a journalist and was commissioned by The New York Times to write an article about his kayaking expedition to the Åland Archipelago, where he saved one of his friends from the water when his kayak capsized.

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