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Yamaha has produced many years' worth of the YZ80 off-road motorcycle.However, the style didn't change much, so it's difficult to tell them apart.From 2001 until 2009, numbers from one to nine are used.

An oil change takes 5-10 minutes and costs about including the filter.

Replace Oil Drain Plug By now the old oil is likely finished dripping out of the pan.

Take the drain plug, clean it up a bit and inspect it for cracks and wear.

The VIN decoder will also tell you the country of manufacture -- "J" for Japan, for example -- in position one. The next five characters denote the details of the bike and the ninth character is a check digit for anti-fraud purposes.

The eleventh character denotes the plant of manufacture and the remaining group of six characters tells you the production sequence of the bike in the plant.

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