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In his last novel, Lawrence’s imagination recreates this space of Nottinghamshire, a parcelled out space of an ever mutable England bearing the wounds of the war, a space corresponding to an amputated body symbolically represented by Clifford Chatterley who, early in 1917, was shipped home, smashed up.Clifford wanted the wood, located beyond the park gate, “untouched”: “He wanted nobody to trespass in it” (42).In a highly didactic mode, the novel begins with a general historical perspective, offering an appraisal of the post-war situation, the evocation of Clifford and Connie’s past and their married life.Precise notations and quite a number of dates are given in the first three chapters: “They came home to Wragby in the autumn of 1920,” or the following indication, in chapter II: “Clifford and Connie had now been nearly two years at Wragby.”who demands her presence and care and whose tyranny towards her intensifies over the months: “vaguely she knew she was out of connection, she had lost touch with the substantial and vital world”(20). Oath and our partners need your consent to access your device and use your data (including location) to understand your interests, and provide and measure personalised ads.

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“I wanted a woman who wanted me and wanted it” (253).

Her desire to touch has been transferred to the chicks.

She had previously wondered if it were possible to feel ravished without being touched.

His gamekeeper, who occupies a cottage in the wood and has the hut at his disposal, also dreads all intrusion and defends his space of freedom and solitude, however reduced it may be.

When letting Eros enter the wood bordering the park of Wragby, Lawrence has us witness a return to primordial reality, an attempt to escape the chaos characterising the modern world by proposing tender sex.

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