Love hina dating game

Chasing after him, Naru joins Keitaro in the excavations; ending up getting lost in the island’s desert in search of the Turtle Civilization.

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Initially Mutsumi was designed as a quiet girl stereotype, however, after her name was developed she was given some foolish characteristics and became the "weak and funny girl".

When Keitaro was drafted by Seta to help him in returning an artefact to the Kingdom of Molmol, the Hinata residents all pursue after them for varying reasons, resulting in a competition over who would have him between the girls, while Mutsumi follows along for fun and arrives at the Todai Ruins in time to ensure that Haruka's wedding gown makes it to her wedding.

Following the return to Hinata House, Haruka passes the cafe on to Kitsune and Mutsumi while she attends her honeymoon.

Her mother working at the Hinata House, Mutsumi spent her time playing with Keitaro Urashima and, when her parents brought her to spend time at the apartments due to her illness, the pair included Naru Narusegawa in their games.

During one play session Mutsumi enacts a promise that all three of them would enter Tokyo University, further encouraging Naru to make the same promise again with Keitaro one year later, giving Naru her Liddo-kun doll.

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