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Many places that view themselves as traditional boast marriage rates above the national average.

A few college cities buck the trend of having more singles.

"We made some different assumptions to more closely reflect our national lifestyle where fifteen year-old girls aren't commonly expected to get married." The New York Times used, at that time, the latest demographics from the Census Bureau, including women above age fourteen who were unmarried or separated.

Indeed, according to a University of Texas survey, the average age of women at their first marriage is 26.

When advertising on TV, the radio, or the Internet, personals websites can alter the ads based on whether the city is likely to have a dearth of one gender.

An effect of this, Evans said, is that people perceive that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

New Orleans, Austin, and a handful of Florida cities all have more singles than the national average.

Evans said Boston has the key factors for single living.

"It's a college town, it has nightlife, culture, and lots of jobs." Whether by choice or circumstance, many are living in some of the biggest cities, surrounded by millions, and still find themselves alone.

Top 10 Equality Cities: Rank Metro Gender gap 1 Warren, MI slightly more men 2 Minneapolis, MN slightly more women 3 Tacoma, WA slightly more men 4 Orlando, FL slightly more men 5 Oxnard, CA slightly more men 6 Grand Rapids, MI 1% more men 7 Los Angeles, CA 2% more women 8 Allentown, PA 2% more women 9 Fort Worth, TX 2.5% more women 10 Santa Ana, CA 2.5% more men Learn More Sperling's Best Places Compare Places Carrie I think about this too.

Once my best friends have children they will be taught that they have to take care of Auntie Carrie when she is old and alone.

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