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On the other hand, the Malian tradition/custom of "musalaha" (leaving things alone until the situation calms down) or even not being sure of the real motives of a person-who they do not know- may cause Malians to not reply with a straightforward answer.In the workplace, it is common practise to shake hands although there are a few exceptions.Malians also communicate with a number of expressions and sounds that indicate agreement or disagreement.Therefore, be careful to not give out ambiguous signals; a calm voice and direct approach are acceptable even if it does not satisfy the person you are speaking to; he/she will express his/her appreciation of your behaviour to others.

At the same time, they may reveal the ethnic teasing that occurs between joking cousins.However, there is a certain moral or spiritual distance between men and women, people of the same sex, or between seniors and youth.Eye contact is fleeting because having or keeping a direct gaze, particularly with your parents, older people, or your employer, suggests that you are not well brought up or are even hostile or defiant toward authority.Thus, asking about a person’s village’s culture and activities is always appreciated.Almost 80% of Malians are crop farmers and animal breeders.

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