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Luckily Blanca shows up to do a duet with him on “Home” from the musical Clearly that was not Blanca’s real singing voice, right?

I mean, there are no ways the deep, dulcet tones we saw on the show could possibly come out of the same body as Blanca’s normal speaking voice.

That one scene should cure any viewer of ever thinking it’s okay to ask a trans person that intimate question ever again.

While Patty showed some guts approaching Angel, she was a chicken when dealing with everything else.

Everyone is trying to turn the illusion of their lives into the reality. Is he going to try to have a real relationship with Angel or is he going to leave her so that he can try to reconcile with Patty.

Matt essentially cleans Stan’s clock and says to him, “The guy you’re pretending to be doesn’t exist.” Isn’t that true of everyone on this show? Surely Matt isn’t packing a foot of man sausage like he bragged to a secretary right before Stan attacked him.

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The episode starts off right where it should, with Angel and Patty’s confrontation. They can only get there because Angel is unspookable and Patty just assumed that she was a woman the whole time.

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