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Learn More API's unique XD Laser Interferometer simultaneously measures linear, angular, straightness and roll errors for rapid machine tool error assessment while is wireless Ball-Bar provide positioning performance and comprehensive diagnosis of geometrical errors of CNC Machine Tools.Learn More Recognizing industry's demand for part measurement automation, with a higher degree of accuracy, API has developed its Smart Factory Inspection System with 6Do F real-time 3D robotic measurement incorporating proven API metrology technology components.In addition to completing and submitting the Math Exercises, please read: Fundamentals of Metrology, Laboratory Auditing Program (LAP) Problems – required for State Weights and Measures Laboratories (not applicable for other participants.) Successful completion requires that participants fully participate in all classroom and laboratory exercises, turn in or present accurate work assignments, and be present for the entire course.There will also be a Final Exam on the last day of the class.Manufacturers compete to invent increasingly sophisticated and creative products designed to help young parents in Originally established in the small Scottish coastal town of Carnoustie, for over 30 years, Pacson Valves have been at the very forefront of design, development and manufacture of high-integrity pressure Aftermarket industries are facing numerous challenges..

They are especially well known for the construction of large, modern, sophisticated cruise ships.

API invented the Laser Tracker and its RADIAN series of trackers continue to be the industry benchmark for size, accuracy and portability.

Complimented with hand-held tactile and laser scanning probes that combine to produce large volume coordinate measuring solutions.

Baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds celebrated their 150th anniversary as the nation’s first all-professional baseball team recently by dedicating a pavilion outside their ballpark.

Met′ric, -al, pertaining to metre or to metrology: consisting of verses.

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