Microsoft forefront endpoint protection 2016 not updating cardiffdating com

We are currently on sccm version 1710 but when I go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Client the is showing version with a date 6/20/2016According to This table that version appears to be roughly 3 years old.

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Based on the link you posted, it makes sense that the Win10 clients are current but how are all our windows 7 machines on the current version if there is no deployment for it? Looks like our workstations are all on or higher (Our win10 workstations are showing either 4.12.17007.18002 or 4.11.15063.447) but the only 3 servers currently being managed are showing version goes without saying that any Antivirus related events on this PC will not be reported to the SCCM server.So it will be up to the user of this PC to keep an eye on what’s going on with the system - much like you would manage an AV client on your home computer.It features Real-Time Protection, a monitoring system that recommends actions against spyware when it's detected and minimizes interruptions and helps you stay productive.Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) is an antivirus/antimalware product for Windows environments that includes a Windows Firewall manager.

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