Mtv dating shows 2016 rion williams dating

They were diverse in geographic and racial background but uniformly young, brash, attractive, and heterosexual.

“Welcome to the most ambitious matchmaking experiment ever attempted,” then-host Ryan Devlin told the starry-eyed singles.

I told her about you but she’s leaving, so you’d better get here fast!

”The most important thing to me at this point in my life was becoming famous, so this was news I couldn’t pass up.

The producer was a hip looking lady named Fatima, with a chiseled faced and a bald head. The first day of shooting was the “audition” for the parents.

She oozed charisma from her pores and when she spoke I could tell she was from somewhere in Africa. A message from Fatima was waiting for me when I returned from tour a week later. It was that one where the parents hate their daughter’s boyfriend (or son’s girlfriend) so much they set her up on blind dates. It was shot at some random studio in the suburban sprawl that is Los Angeles. The parents were on a couch and I sat opposing them.

As the concept got stale they had to compensate with crazier people. Afterwards I got the good news: I was chosen to be dater #2!

Those two people would each go on a date while the parents and boyfriend watched it all unfold on their television at home. If you remember anything about it, it’s probably from one of the later seasons. They asked me a few questions and it was over in less than 10 minutes.

We must have talked for a half an hour when a flustered young girl walked by, flanked my many crew members. In a manipulative move I hadn’t expected, the producers gave my friendly crew member a hidden microphone and Klarissa a connected earpiece. I remember feeling like I was floating off the table. After that we tried to choke down a disgusting dim sum lunch at a Chinese restaurant and capped off the date by tossing coins into a wishing well around the corner. I’m not going to describe the date in detail because you can watch the video on my You Tube channel.

The girl was a 5’4” brunette with blonde highlights and tanned skin. It only took one glance to see she was high maintenance.“So that’s her, Chase. They had the crew member talk to me so Klarissa could get to know me before the show! But I can tell you that the producers pretty much told us what to say.

As I ran up to their location I could see a crowd of would-be actors surrounding the producer.

We locked eyes and the crowd parted as she sauntered over to me. There was no script, but we were often told what to say.

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