Multiple users updating excel spreadsheet

I've put an Excel spreadsheet onto my One Drive and have shared it out to some of my family members granting them edit privileges, who are all people I've added to my Office 365 account.

What I'm wondering is if two or more people that I've shared the spreadsheet, be able to have the spreadsheet open and editing it at the same time?

Hi all, I've had a long search through your pages to see if this question has been answered before but having browsed through about 50 pages worth of threads I couldn't see anything, but if I am repeating prior information I do apologise. It just takes some information in one format, rearranges it, adds some formatting and performs some calculations.

Nothing incredibly fancy but it works fine on my computer.

and input the macro I'd need to run in each file in the appropriate location. I am using 2007, I have tried to send the folder but that didn't seem to work. I have a file that became too big due to phantom bloat, unused range saved by Excel and all that kind of reasons. Is there anyway then to open the file or to reduce its size without opening it (through magics...)?

Thank to previous posts on that board tackling that issue, I was able to find how to proceed to reduce the file back to its normal size. I just honestly don't know how to retrieve that info before deleting that file. file locked for editing , can I kick the other user out if its my file?

MS Access is not an option for me so I was wondering if you could help me do this in excel.

thank you so much and would really appreciate to hear from anyone soon.

I have read about sharing the file and I don't think that would make things any better.

Also, is there a way to pull out of Excel what is the current User's 'Options | General | Default File Location' entry? I am familiar with and use the following coding for Opening/Saving files to the current directory of the opened workbook, but it only gives the path of the existing Excel workbook and not the current User's Directory Path: Dim wb This As Workbook Set wb This = This Workbook Ch Dir wb This.

Path Hello, I have a number of different files that I often need to run a macro on.

I don't want anybody else besides these two people to be able to even open the file, so I'm not talking about password protecting to prohibit editing a file.

I would assume I need to go to the properties, security settings but I'm not sure?

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