New future datings sites

What is more groundbreaking is the app’s capacity to gauge a person’s emotional reaction via a video component.As shown in the presentation video of the app, AIMM can ‘read’ a person’s expression after their first date to understand whether it is worth to move on with the match or not.

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It comes as no surprise that voice technology is being implemented in dating apps, considering that one in five Americans now owns a voice assistant and that voice-based chatbots are increasingly present in our lives, as reported by the MIT Technology Review.

If dating apps like Tinder, Match, and Bumble digitised the way we connect with and meet potential matches, Denver-based Kevin Teman wants to push online dating to the next level with his startup AIMM.

AIMM stands for artificially intelligent matchmaker and it functions as a 360 degree AI dating coach.

Kevin Teman’s app aim is to go technologically forward while seemingly promoting backward views on romantic relationships, and it will soon offer users the option to be linked to a human matchmaking service, offering person to person sessions, an odd feature for an app whose main focus is based on its AI system.

But despite the numerous flaws, it is possible to grasp through AIMM the direction that dating apps might take in the years to come.

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