Nicole alexander dating shaq

Shaquille O’Neal had an on and off relationship with his wife Shaunie O’Neal with whom he has four children.The couple filed for divorce in 2007, they reunited quickly and again filed for divorce later last year.And now it looks like she’s owned a first place spot with Shaq.of July, 1982, is an American television personality who became famous after winning the reality television shows “Flavor of Love” and “I Love Money.” She is also a model, and an actress who appeared in the movie “Ghetto Stories.”Born in Detroit, Michigan, Alexander is the daughter of an African American father and Italian-American mother.But after reporters at LALATE news showed him a picture of Hoopz taken while she was part of the cast of Flavor of Love, the owner then admitted, “Yes, it was Nikki” , he also said, “the lights were low, but I saw and heard what happened. Everything happened when the restaurant was about to close, but right after a swarm of locals bursted in to cheer and celebrate.No more than a day after, the two were spotted back in Tennessee at a Waffle House eating breakfast when TMZ snapped a shot of both of them sitting at the diner, right before Hoopz jokingly poured salt into Shaqs drink.Shaq is well known, but for those of you who don’t watch reality TV, you might be a little clueless as to who Nicole Alexander is.

Bobby Brown, Aaron Carter and Jamie Kennedy are just a couple of other male celebrities who asked for their girlfriends hands in marriage infront of a public audience. Because like most celebs who compete on dating reality elimination shows, she’s being accused of being in it for the fortune and fame, and a lot think Shaq is just another climb to the top for her.

As of today, neither one has either admitted or denied the rumor and Shaqs publicist isn’t commenting on exactly what went down.

-LATEST CELEB NEWS: Heidi and Karissa’s Girl on Girl Tape – What’s on the Tape, Karissa and Boyfriend Mad, Spencer Pratt a Thief- When David was first asked if the female who Shaq was proposing to was actually Nicole Nikki Alexander, he wasn’t sure.

Hoopz and Shaq have been dating for a while and have been seen out in public with each other in Hoopz’s hometown of Maryville, Tennessee, but this time Shaq was caught proposing to her in a lounge in Las Vegas.

Sam David, the owner of the Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine and Hookah Lounge where it all happened, claims “Hoopz wore the ring” right after Shaq proposed, which means she must’ve accepted.

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