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According to the website, a Hollywood star spokesman has denied allegations that Prince Harry was in love with Jennifer and that she has not responded to his messages.

Ian Halperin, for his part, claims that he spoke to the 50-year-old's circle of friends, the actress's colleague and an ex-girlfriend, among others.

and stressed that she has no user there: – No, I do not have time to be honest. Romance should come by itself, and it's not about looking for it, if you notice that?

In addition, the 50-year-old told her that she does not seek anyone, but that she is open to a new romance – It's not that my past made me lose hope or build a wall, she screams: "No more, that's it, now I'm closed." KAOTISK: When Jennifer Aniston visited Ellen De Generes "The Ellen Show," she talked about the flight to Mexico, which did not go as planned.

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– He told a close friend that his favorite actress was Jennifer and got her number. A source told me that Jennifer knew that Harry was in love with her, but that she did not want to encourage him because of the age difference.

But the ex-pair broke up in November and not much information was leaked.

As he was dressing for a date with Rebecca, Mike Greeley, 28, a Boston real-estate broker, passed over the monochromatic suits and chambray shirts and chose a sweat-wicking top and sneakers.

However, we found one tweet, where she mentioned about her husband to be.

It is possible that being busy in career led to no dating time. The news about them hanging out was flashy back then.

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