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Every once in a while you would see exceptions, but out of all the people I and my wife knew, we only knew one local gal that had married a haole friend.

Because of being a coastal state, Hawaii has a sizeable immigrant population as well, Asians and Europeans in particular.Men in Hawaii are respectful of women and give them their space.However, men in Hawaii are also rather fun-loving and jolly.Are there any cultural or social differences between what men and women look for compared to what they look for in major US cities like LA, NYC, Seattle, etc?One thing that could make a difference is that Hawaii has more of a small town feel than somewhere like NYC, although Honolulu is an exception to that to a certain degree.

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    The mysterious black band — which she wore on finger — didn’t have a glitzy diamond, but then again, the Olsen twins rarely stick to the norm.