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Besides, the article isn't just on homosexuality, but rather bisexuality and transexuality as well, and transexuals can be homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual.

Enzedbrit , 13 March 2007 (UTC) I am not sure that I could contribute to that with too much insight.

However, I think that we should revert the article to LGBT New Zealand as 1/ it is not an article restricted to homosexuality, 2/ the article is written in a manner presenting a New Zealand viewpoint to the world and the title should reflect that, 3/ there is need for a uniform 'homosexuality in A, B, C' approach for all similar articles, and 4/ 'homosexuality in New Zealand' would be well served by a completely different article. I've changed it back to LBGT New Zealand, rather than LGBT in NZ, since that was what most pages were linking to it as (and I missed the difference between that and what you'd suggested the first time).

It has occurred to me that virtually no gay people use 'gay' as a noun, as in the title of this page.

Perhaps a more appropriate name might be 'Gay and lesbian New Zealand'? Personally I think the current title makes it sound like a medical problem.

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