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We do our best to educate and monitor their internet actions but I learned how easy it is for good kids to be targeted and slowly sucked into participating in a way that is not of their usual is coming from a kid and I dont care if im the only one telling the truth. im not saying all are bad but in the majority there is a lot of sexual content, swearing, and violance. it will tear them down and make then frell completly useless.

I am an artist and i have met amazng people on the art amino but there are also A LOT of people who dicaurge you.

Every app that has a private message feature has people who speak sexually.

From my personal experience, if you screenshot the conversation and report it to a leader or the Amino Team themselves, it is usually handled quickly.

A person I used to know ended up revealing mine, themselves another person I used to know's exact location, as well as sending them photos of me and the other person without consent.

I warned them about the danger, but they did not listen.

Also some people are really fun to RP with ( roleplay ), and some are nice and don't want to know any personal info.

I highly recommend this app, as it is a LOT safer than most other social media apps.

I'm seeing alot of negative and uneducated reviews about this app.

Sit down and talk to your child calmly if they are engaging in sexual content, don't get angry at them, because that just makes them want to do it more.

Make sure they understand cyber safety and assure them that if they feel in danger that you can help them no matter what. My daughter and her friends are obsessed with this app.

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