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But Darius himself specifies that he was building a stronghold, not a political center (see below), and the case for considering Persepolis as the site of the Nowruz festival cannot be taken lightly (see Shahbazi, 2003).The platform is flanked on the south and north by two valleys in which the houses of the nobility were built. Schmidt (1935-39), both assisted by the architect Friederich Krefter. These all led to the Oriental Institute of Chicago University Expedition to Persepolis, directed first by Herzfeld (1931-34), and then by Erich F.By the late 6th century BCE, the Persian settlers had founded their own city, Pārsa, in the Marvdašt Plain, and Persian kings had started monumental constructions there (Kleiss, 1971; Tilia, 1974). 522-486 BCE) chose a promontory of the “Royal Hill” at the foot of a mountain to the east of the plain to serve as the site for a new palace complex forming the citadel of the city of Pārsa.The name of this mountains, Kuh-e Mehr (Kohmehr) “Mount Mithra” (since the 13th century “translated” as Kuh-e Raḥmat “Mount Mercy”), indicates that the early Persian held the site sacred (as they did *Baγastāna Bisotun), and associated it with Mithra (Mehr), the deity of Iranians at arm and the “Guardian of Iranian lands” (Shahbazi, 1977b, pp 206-7). Münter and Georg Friedrich Grotefend in early 1800s to decipher Old Persian cuneiform writing (which itself provided the key to the reading of Babylonian and Elamite texts; see Weissbach, 1896-1904) and attribution of Persepolis to the Achaemenid kings.

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These developments greatly advanced our understanding of the Achaemenid art and architecture. Shapur Shahbazi founded the Institute of Achaemenid Research at Persepolis, which directed all aspects of excavations, restorations, and publications of the Achaemenid monuments and facilitated co-operation between scholars in the field.

After their departure, André Godard, Sayyed Moḥammad-Taqi Moṣṭafawi and ʿAli Sāmi continued to excavate the remaining parts (mainly in the north and east of the terrace and in the plain south of the platform).

They cleared most of the site, found a number of inscriptions on stone and glazed tiles and numerous objects, and parts of two archives of Elamite tablets, and transferred them to Chicago and other places.

Today the attribution is abandoned, but the name Construction started with the leveling and terracing of the promontory.

Depressions in the rocky base were filled with earth, rubble, and huge blocks of roughly hewn stone.

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