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You can hit up the Namibian desert for sand dune climbing at sunrise.There are beaches and coastlines full of shipwrecks to explore.My road trip around Namibia is the best travel experience I’ve ever had. I can’t even find the words to describe how fantastic my time in the country was. It’s easy to explore independently, it’s safe, it’s beautiful, the locals are lovely, the landscapes are diverse, the wildlife is exciting, and there are so. By the end of the month, you’ll have everything you need to book a trip to this kickass country. It’s one of the safest and least intimidating countries I’ve travelled through. I’ve got a dozen posts planned about my time in this amazing country, so brace yourself for an onslaught of information! If you’re dreaming of travelling in Africa but have no idea where to go first, head to Namibia.Everything else wasn’t too bad when it came to price.Our rental car — a Toyota Corolla — had us up for -a-day, which is pretty standard for most countries around the world.As an introvert with a love of wide, open spaces, I couldn’t get enough of the isolation.

So many people opt to jump on overland truck tours in this part of the world, but what I’ve found so far is that it’s really not necessary.And it’s easy to see why: desert takes up the bulk of the country and so outside of its short rainy season, it’s a very arid place.This was one of my favourite aspects of travelling around Namibia, though: you could drive for four hours straight and not see a single human, car, or building over that time.I’m all about that budget travel life, but in Namibia I had to give up my aim of spending a night on accommodation and quadruple it for much of our trip.Yep, almost every lodge we stayed at in Namibia was well over 0 a night, and we were nearly always booking the cheapest option we could find.

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