Preventing dating stalkers

Duration and Criminality: This type of stalker is among the most persistent type of stalker, harassing longer than any type except the rejected stalker.The stalker is usually unresponsive to legal sanctions because they view them as challenges to overcome that demonstrate their love for the survivor.This type of stalker wants to be in a relationship with the survivor again or seek revenge on the survivor.The stalker's goals may vary, depending on the reponses of the survivor.Incompetent Suitor Motivation: This type of stalker is motivated by a desire to start a romantic relationship with the survivor and is impaired in his social skills.Personality: This type of stalker may be cut off from the survivor's feelings and believe that any person should be attracted to them.Survivor Characteristics: This type of stalker may stalk acquaintances or complete strangers.

Rejected Stalker Motivation: This type of stalker begins to stalk after their partner (romantic or close friendship) has ended their relationship or indicates that they intend to end the relations.

Stalking Behavior: This type of stalker can be the most obsessive and enduring type of stalker.

This type of stalker is most likely to verbally threaten their survivor and is one of the least likely to physically assault their survivor.

This type of stalker views their survivor as being similar to those who have oppressed or humiliated them in the past and may view themselvves as a survivor striking back against an oppressor.

Personality: This type of stalker is often irrationally paranoid.

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