Priority the dating of scientific names in ornithology

More information on the John Thackray Medal The submission deadline for the 2015 John Thackray Medal is 31 July 2015.

Not only does bird taxonomy vary significantly from one authority to another, but it is in a state of constant change.

Bird Life International is the Red List authority for birds, for the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The two volumes list 4,372 non-passerines and 6,592 passerines giving a total of 10,964 species.

priority the dating of scientific names in ornithology-21

The IOC is also the de facto standard for English bird names.

The reports provide links to the published authorities and are supported by tables containing extensive detail about the subsidiary parts or issues with their pagination and dates.

The compilers then bring together reports on 148 books and 121 periodicals in zoology which, between them, present almost all the challenges that can make date determination problematic.

This book and the included CD Rom are a searchable treasure trove.

The mission of this committee is to create a standard classification, with English names, for the bird species of South America. major, but Bertelli & Porzecanski (2004) proposed that it is the sister species to T. An analysis of phenotypic characters suggested that T. (2009), however, were unable to find support for these relationships.while but awaiting ICZN ruling on correct formulation of the subfamily for Ortalis group (see David 2014, Donegan 2105), Hosner et al.

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