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A flip of the hair to hands on your hips, how you move and gesture, or even which direction your toes point say as much (or more) as what comes out of your mouth. Continue reading Online Dating 101 Look for Red Flags Your online profile is your time to shine.

r/TRP The major 2010s extant proponents of PUA were the subreddit R/TRP (which promotes a more holistic approach to PUA, as well as incorporating the concept of female hypergamy) and the PUA company Real Social Dynamics.

Strauss PUA remained a niche community until the release of the book "The Game" by journalist Neil Strauss, a semi autobiographical work describing his induction into a PUA circle led by the most famous PUA, the street magician and reality TV star Mystery.

The success of "The Game" resulted in an PUA craze in the mid noughties that lasted until the early 2010s.

But what’s the use of sending an email if, when he/she visits your profile it’s creepy, …

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