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magazine article that year, two “hermaphrodite” athletes were a threat to the future of women’s sports — and Brundage shared the fear.

British shot putter and javelin thrower Mary Louise Edith Weston and the Czechoslovakian runner Zdenka Koubkova had each been born with dual biological sex traits.

The remaining genitalia were then reconstructed to resemble those of the chosen sex.

The reconstruction of female genitalia was more readily performed than the reconstruction of male genitalia, so ambiguous individuals often were made to be female.

Weston became a masseur and Koubkova pursued a career in cabaret.

But despite both athletes having retired, The Second World War interrupted the following two Olympic Games, but in 1946 the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) introduced the first rule requiring female athletes to have a medical document certifying their female sex and two years later the IOC followed suit.

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After the Semenya fiasco, the IAAF convened to examine the problem of hyperandrongenism and eligibility in women’s sport.Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work! Intersex conditions are sometimes also referred to as disorders of sexual development (DSDs). In true gonadal intersex (or true hermaphroditism), an individual has both ovarian and testicular tissue.If it detected a Y chromosome, the female athlete was determined to have failed and was ostracized from the competitive sporting 24 years, the Barr body test was in place, but problems with the sex chromatin test arose immediately.The first athlete to fail the test was Polish Olympic sprinter Ewa Klubukowska. When Klubukowska failed the test in 1967 she was banned from competing in the 1968 Mexico City Games and was stripped of her medal.

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