Rockband community website updating

Selecting ‘Challenge Songs’ as your online preference now only lets Challenge songs be chosen.That’s great, now you won’t have to worry about inefficient XP gains and Social Bonuses when your Crew is not online.We’ve also solved the ‘Lefty Pro drums issue’, which didn’t correctly factor in inputs with green snare and red crash at the same time.We also caught that Drum Solos didn’t properly make the sides of the track glow, while Guitar and Bass Solos did, so now everyone is looking just as cool in a solo.On top of that, we’ve improved performance throughout the game.

And there’s more to come to expand your collection.Closing the forums is bittersweet, but the community will only be stronger when everyone is together.We’re excited to have you join us on the new Harmonix Discord and our games’ subreddits.You can also still find us, our updates, and other players on our Facebook pages, Twitter pages, and blog.Thank you to everyone who visited and joined the forums. ” On March 19th, the Harmonix forums will close fully.

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