Roman coins archaeological evidence dating

The trio reported the find to museum experts, who praised them for acting in the best interest of history, the paper said.

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The 18 coins, which appear to date to the 1st century reign of the emperor Vespasian, were found in 2015, but the thrilling discovery was kept under wraps so archaeologists could investigate the area, according to The Telegraph newspaper.

Lots of really fine pottery,” the excavation’s head, Chris Casswell, told The Telegraph. a high-status site.” The dig has also yielded foundation trenches, post-holes and even the time-worn remnants of stone walls, indicating a more permanent settlement.

Though ample evidence of Roman settlement in England has been found dating to later in the empire’s span, “It is rare to find one of such an early date,” Casswell added.

Nero ruled during Rome's Great Fire in 64 AD, when parts of the city burned for five days.

Many Romans held him responsible for the fire, Tacitus wrote, believing he burned down the city so he could rebuild it to his liking.

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