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” She’d also love to collaborate on a clothing line at some point (Chloë Sevigny’s venture with Opening Ceremony is a personal favorite) and spend more time in New York, where she says it’s easier to live life outside the celebrity-industrial complex that sometimes gets her down in L. The other day, for example, she found a photographer waiting for her outside her house. “In New York you can become anonymous; I think I’ve seen paparazzi there twice. But in New York everyone’s just like, ‘Whatever.’” Every time Rory Culkin wraps work on a movie he rewards himself with some kind of gift.The last time I was there I walked by Liev Schreiber on the street, and I was thinking, If this was L. Because he began his career as a five-year-old playing younger versions of his older brothers in movies like he chose between learning a musical instrument and continuing the boxing lessons the studio had him take before filming began. “Boxing’s just a little more mindless and takes me away from everything,” he says.For his part, Rory Culkin comes from a long line of thespians that includes older brothers Macaulay and Kieran.Not surprisingly, both actors have been working since they were very young, Culkin in films like , in 2010.) For all that unites them on paper (and onscreen), though, Roberts and Culkin embody dramatically different notions of what Young Hollywood thinks, says, and looks like.I was like, ‘Mom, you have to come here.’ She comes inside and they’re like, ‘Can you come back tomorrow, because we really like her.’ And I actually got the part! But if you think she now views those early gigs with a cynical eye, you’re wrong. “A lot of people that were on Disney or Nickelodeon bash it afterwards. “If you make the transition in the same way that you’re transitioning in real life, you’ll be fine,” she says.“It’s when you’re 16 and you’re trying to play a 20-year-old hitchhiking stripper that people are gonna give you a hard time.” Though she doesn’t play a hitchhiking stripper in her latest film, Roberts does acknowledge that “a lot of people are probably thinking, Wow, Emma Roberts in —that’s kind of random.” (She plays Jill Roberts, the younger cousin of Neve Campbell’s character Sidney Prescott.) “Everyone sees me as the girl next door.

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“I very much wanted to avoid the stereotypical comic-geek role—the one who’s really meek and easily intimidated—and Rory played the character with an unexpected strength.” Like his costar Roberts, Culkin says he more or less grew up on movie sets with members of his family.(“I’m 5’2” on a good day,” Roberts admits with a laugh.) “But when she came in and read, she just knocked it out of the park. I said, ‘Look at that power, Bob.’ He came around.” That passion is also on display in , a lower profile movie (Fox Searchlight is releasing it) out this summer, in which Roberts plays a New York City prep-school student in a unique relationship with a troubled classmate, George, played by Freddie Highmore (read about him on page 147). “People like to make rules for actors: ‘They can do this, but they can’t do that,’” she says. And the fact that she just thought, I’m gonna let loose and do this—that’s so cool.” “Emma’s been really, really clever about how she’s moving forward in her career,” says ’s director, Gavin Wiesen.“Or they like to put them in a box: ‘She’s only gonna do romantic comedies.’ I always think it’s fun when you see people that do totally different things. “I don’t even categorize her amongst the other actresses her age who are sort of growing up in front of us. On our set, which couldn’t have been lower-budget, she’d be sitting in whatever chair she could find reading or cracking up all the crew members.“They’re great kids,” says Craven, a man who knows about great kids—he once cast a young Johnny Depp in jokes that she came out here with me for a vacation and 20 years went by.” That’s how Emma Roberts explains her move from Rhinebeck, New York, to Los Angeles, where the 20-year-old has spent more than half her life in front of the camera.She became interested in acting as a little kid while visiting her aunt Julia on film sets; Roberts even had an uncredited role as an extra in .

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