Rules for dating older guys

That means adding some unusual elements and experimenting a little — but do it like an older gentleman.When young men want to stand out they generally turn to counter-culture symbols: long or spiked hairstyles, tattoos, deliberately low-formality clothing, and so on.If you're looking sharp, on the other hand, people see the gray hairs and the good clothing and automatically think of leadership, wisdom, and maturity.

It’s not likely to happen like that at this age, and on the rare occasions when it does, the relationship is usually based on nothing more than lust. Some men like thin women, some like curvier figures. A man who never graduated college might be brilliant (Steve Jobs). ◊♦◊ Just about any problem you have in dating can be overcome. You don’t have to speak multiple languages, live in a big city, or have a perfect body. Dating problems begin to disappear when you overcome your insecurities and limiting beliefs about the opposite sex.A lot of them are targeted specifically at a younger, trendier crowd.Styles that play off the insouciant look of youth — tousled hair, untucked shirts, undone shirt buttons, and so on — don't wear well on an older man.For older men, look toward classic but underused style elements instead.Throw on a fedora or a Panama straw hat, swap a polo for a Guayabera, wear a light plaid suit as social wear on the weekends — things that nod toward traditional menswear, but that you don't see on a lot of people these days.

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