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We discuss the personality characteristics and defense mechanisms of any addiction and how they affect relationships.

Learn about the 5 stages of change and how to use them for your recovery.

3) Action-You've got to actually take the steps in order to get it out of your life. It becomes more and more clear that anxiety has a lot to do with this. Have you ever tried to stop acting out sexually but found yourself failing? Have you made promises to yourself that you would quit and found yourself using again? Most of the work to get well from sex addiction occurs outside the counseling office or a recovery group.

One has to see that there more important things in life besides sex.

The losses can be astounding--a marriage, a family, a job, and self dignity.

We might also just think that we have a higher sex drive than others and this is still normal.

Listening to your program on your IPod or in the car can strengthen your recovery program.

I will share with you valuable steps towards getting free.

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