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She has also guested on multiple podcasts, such as The Nerdist Podcast, Point of Inquiry, Star Talk and the Joe Rogan Experience.

Speaking with Chris Mooney on Point of Inquiry in 2012, Santa Maria recognized that her work on behalf of science can sometimes be polarizing, In March 2014, Santa Maria debuted her weekly podcast entitled Talk Nerdy.

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It wasn't until I got really into psychology that I realized how fascinating the brain part of the equation, and the brain-behavior relationship, was.

So I decided to stick around after I got my undergrad and study biology — specifically neuroscience — for my master's degree.

I found out later that you have to study rocks and dirt and all sorts of things that I didn't care about.

So I ended up actually studying psychology in college, after making a switch from vocal jazz performance — a random, winding road!

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