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The CBSC adjudicates complaints based on the broadcast location of the challenged programming.

There are five Regional Panels, serving the Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie and British Columbia regions.

The CAB fleshed out the future Canadian Broadcast Standards Council’s objectives, structure, complaints procedure, standards to be administered, and annual reporting during the course of 19.

The CRTC endorsed the principles and responsibilities of the Council in late September 1988.

There are two National Panels, one for National Conventional Television complaints and the other for National Specialty Service complaints.

The Panels are gender balanced and the Adjudicators themselves are divided equally into representatives of the public and representatives of the broadcast industry.

The CAB then drafted the CBSC Manual, intended for broadcaster members, the Regional Panels (formerly Regional Councils), the Secretariat and the National Executive (that Manual was replaced by the CBSC as of March 1, 2001).

The CAB originally included a clause regarding sex-role stereotyping in the Code of Ethics(Clause 15), and had even earlier drafted a set of Sex-Role Portrayal Guidelines between 19.

No individual Adjudicator sits on an adjudication concerning his or her broadcast group.

The CBSC also has a mechanism for the issuance by the Secretariat of summary decisions, which are in the form of private letters to complainants.

There are, as of 2007, many more licensed broadcasters in the conventional radio, satellite radio, conventional television and specialty service television areas.

Of these, more than 615 are now members of the CBSC. Funding for the CBSC is provided by the CAB on behalf of the CBSC’s broadcaster members or directly by those members that are not CAB members.

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