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High-end pre-amplifiers are often minimalist, compared with (the relevant part of) what one finds in a typical rack system.For example, there are usually no tone controls (bass, treble, and assorted buttons).(At least, they shouldn't: If they do, then by my definition, they are not truly 'high-end'.) Second, making a speaker which does have really deep bass, without making that bass ludicrously muddy, is an expensive proposition.Physics tells us, for reasons I do not entirely understand, that one can only get deep bass out of a large cabinet (unless one is willing to pay an enormous penalty in efficiency, i.e., require huge amounts of power to produce reasonable volume).(These sorts of amps generally require extremely efficient speakers.) Now, there are two major differences between high-end and consumer amps.

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Yet it produces more than enough volume in my room.) In a high-end power amplifier, much of the cost is actually absorbed by the power supply, by what provides the raw current to the circuitry. It is by modulating this current that the amplifier does its job, so every anomaly present in the current delivered by the supply is there in the output.Amplifiers A standard receiver is actually three or four components in one.It contains a tuner, which is what you use to listen to the radio.(Think of the amplifier as trying to project the path of a small signal onto that of the large, flat—i.e., DC—current.) Every effort is made to produce a clean, steady flow of raw current: That means taking special care to filter out unwanted contaminants from the AC line, which will otherwise find their way into the signal sent to the speakers; to keep additional contaminants from being introduced; and to prevent the sudden draw which a musical transient causes from causing a drag on the power supply and interfering with its ability to provide the raw current.In fact, for these reasons, in any high-end component, much of the cost is in the power supply.

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