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Sometime I think he prefers baby-sitting to hunting! In this video, Diamond is returning to relieve Xavier who has been egg-sitting.

He often comes to the nest to offer to take over for a while so that Diamond can go for a hunt (she will NOT catch starlings, you can bet your life on that! She is happy to let him take over, even just hours after laying a new egg and he stays put for the duration, unlike some other males who really don’t make much of an effort to sit still! And Gaama bringing in a prey and leaving it: GJQPX5s4 Juvenile with a cicada (casing only, I thinik): Lbs PT7Sg And a very early visity by Budhin: QZSIE And here is a happy memory: Bali coming back to the box shortly after fledging last season.

Particularly in inner city locations - there are standards and images that must be kept.

With this, it might make the world of difference if Sydney Siders dropped the attitudes and even smiled occasionally.

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