Shane mauss april macie dating

@Peter Mc Graw of @Humor Code and @Amber Tozer Keon Polee and Caridad join us on a fantastic Double Date. Billy Wayne Davis & Erin Dewey Lennox join us and we chat about drug tests, sobriety, jail and if that isn’t dark enough for you, we even discuss croutons.

” SHANE: “People are going to think we met on a Greyhound.” APRIL: “Okay! ” Anyway, after dating for a little over a year, these two professional touring comedians and lovers are running out of things to say to one another and are in the market for new couple friends to squelch their boredom.

The self-proclaimed, "Wackiest Podcast in the World"Sounds of the Night is a weekly podcast where host Oscar De Leon and guests talks about life and choose two songs each according to a theme.

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)Join University of Washington professor Jeff Shulman for a fifth season exploring the far-reaching impacts of Seattle's physical and cultural transformation.

In the fifth season, learn more about Seattle's homelessness crisis from those living on the city's streets and those developing potential solutions to the crisis.

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