Single moms dating diary dating first message

The swipe right for yes, swipe left for no format is fun and addictive (though it’s a little too easy to mix them up—so long, soul mate! You get real first names, and Tinder helpfully tells you if you have any Facebook friends or interests in common.

(Useful/creepy tip: If you have a mutual friend, a few clicks on Facebook will get you a last name and more photos.) There are no laborious questionnaires to answer, and potential dates can only contact you if you’ve both swiped right.

(Just last month they were blamed for the childhood obesity epidemic, and an accusatory correlation between single-parenthood and childhood poverty is still sometimes drawn).

more to single motherhood than these tired, two-dimensional narratives tap into.

Despite Tinder’s rep, most people really do seem interested in more than a fling—”no hookups” is as prominent in the profiles I’ve seen as selfies at Machu Picchu.

In a couple weeks of swiping, I’ve met a few nice guys and scanned hundreds of profiles.

It’s 2019 and family life is richer and more varied than ever before – and it’s about time the daily joys of single motherhood got their due.

He also disdains cats, kids, vegans and gold diggers.

Ah, yes, this is what Tinder was made for: the fleeting hookup.

He’ll also have a pic showing him surrounded by adoring Hooters waitresses.

“Call me shallow,” he says, followed by a demand that no one without a thigh gap or a BMI under 21 swipes right.

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