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The truth is that an insidious streak of singlism still runs through society.

In an ostensible bid to champion cuddly family values, politicians pander to “hardworking families” with tax credits, welfare payments and tax breaks.

I think years ago if you weren’t married it was understood there was something wrong with you. My mum says things like, ‘Men need to feel like they can fit into your life, so don’t do any DIY or anything in front of them’.Life isn’t so much about bed-hopping as it is about binge-watching box-sets.Anyone who elects to go through seven straight years of the emotional Despite the many technologies and portals enabling a relationship connection, we singles are swelling in numbers.The book is a paean to those comfortable with their unencumbered status, yet even Bolick acknowledges that we still make assumptions about the agency of women’s life choices.Some good news: statistics prove that the majority of Irish people find a romantic partner eventually.

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