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The total aggregation came to approximately 80 Snapple bottles, culminating in a triangular pyramid held together by five rolls of cellotape that was, like, super cheap in Spar, borrowed from Emmet, Dáire's roommate (thanks kitty xoxxoxoxxxxoxoxox).

Unfortunately, the tower was not constructed as planned.This was met with critcism, as many believed it was a one-time thing that belonged to the memory of Declan.However, it was this push that led to it becoming the tradition it is today.In 2013 the Snapple bottles were collected by Lorcan Daly, who had the good fortune of having no roommate and so an entire room in which to gather his loot.He managed to collect over 211 Snapple bottles over the course of the session and a hexagonal tower was designed that was projected to be 9 Snapple bottles high.

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