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“I book the showcases in a number of ways, but the process is sort of like the format itself: I set a few basic rules and let it run wherever from there.For each one, I look for two more established acts and two up-and-coming ‘discovery’ acts.“It’s also a matter of listening–to the radio (I’m a huge KOOP and KUTX listener), and to recommendations from friends and Microsessions vets (often the same people!).” Musicians appreciate playing Microsessions for a number of reasons.Then the groups dispersed, heading back to their favorite act for the finale.Microsessions, influenced by the concept of a house concert, combines that personal, familiar setting with Austin’s smoking hot music scene.

Participate in a round-robin-style series of intimate mini-concerts, followed by a longer set of your choosing.

Schomer compensates his artists well and emphasizes the undivided attention artists receive at such a focused, intimate affair.

He also encourages them to bring albums and merchandise to the shows, sign up audience members to their mailing lists, and get the word out about upcoming appearances.

It didn’t hurt that you can barely shake a stick in Austin without hitting a musician.

Our vibrant local music scene and appreciative audiences accustomed to attending live shows made the city ripe for Microsessions.

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