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The situation also puts a damper on where Cooper and Kelly stand romantically, having only kissed once, despite continuing sexual tension since.Cooper's ex-girlfriend Lena (Lyndon Smith), now an abstract artist, displays a photo of Cooper's penis at her art exhibit.Neal becomes addicted to pornography, so Barry forces him to overcome his habit for 48 hours.

Cooper and Josh then both compete to get the attention of Mark after finding out that he enjoys wild parties, despite previously putting on the facade that he is a strict and responsible person.Kelly befriends Ramona Miller (Victoria Justice), who turns out to have only used her to sabotage Cooper, Barry, and Neal's hangover cure business.Things are already in bad terms between the guys, after Cooper completely doesn't acknowledge Barry and Neal in a newspaper article when the hangover cure wins a major award.Kelly is invited to Mexico for the wedding of her ex-boyfriend Thom (Jayson Blair) and brings Cooper as her plus one.The trip proves to be difficult and requires the help of Josh and the roommates.

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