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A short-term approach makes both the client and therapist accountable to make consistent progress to the desired outcome.

In other words, when the client or couple is feeling better and thinking more clearly by practicing effective coping skills, this can lead to a healthier approach to problem solving for themselves as individuals which carries over into their relationship.

“I am no-nonsense and also draw upon evidence-based studies in psychology, which have proven to be best practices in helping clients overcome depression, anxiety, and other issues.” Published just before Valentine’s Day in 2015, “Kickstart Your Relationship Now!

: Move On or Move Out” is a self-help book full of step-by-step exercises for couples wondering if they should break up or stay together.

The book tackles many difficult subjects and breaks down what couples need to know to move forward. Margot’s book is to get results and facilitate breakthroughs for couples of all ages and backgrounds.

Oftentimes her clients walk away with their heads spinning with lessons and renewed hope. Margot told us that one woman bought her book to read herself, but her husband wanted to read it first.The Short Version: When a marriage is in crisis, couples don’t always know where to turn for help.The issues between them may be so personal and private, they may not want to sit down in person for a traditional therapy session. Margot Brown, a long-time resident and couples therapist in San Francisco, has written a thorough self-help guide for couples who are reluctant to book an appointment but do want advice from a professional. ” offers concrete exercises based on proven psychological principles to help couples re-evaluate their relationships and improve their communication skills. Margot has worked with singles and couples at all stages of life and knows how to give direction in a compassionate tone.This therapist prides herself on being results-oriented, and she has written a number of insightful advice articles as well as a comprehensive self-help book geared toward couples in all sorts of difficulties.“I am very much direct, concrete, and solution-focused,” Margot told us.

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