The soul of kerala sex

I arrived in Kerala toward the end of their summer and close to the first of two annual monsoon seasons.

The weather, though hot, was far more manageable than I had expected, wavering from the low to mid 30s for the duration of our trip.

With around 35million residents (that’s small fry for India – Rajasthan has just shy of 69million), it’s one of the smallest states in the country.

Coastal Kerala spans about 350 miles of the Arabian sea, which means that beaches, waves and towering palm trees are never far away.

The high quality of architectural work showcased in the walls and ceilings of the temples are c Kerala's beaches, backwaters, mountain ranges and wildlife sanctuaries are the major attractions for both domestic and international tourists. Its tourism industry, centered around Hindu temples, wild life sanctuaries, hill stations and wate The South India tours attract tourists from all over India and the world on account of its territory dotted with tourist spots.

The tourists throng the God's Own Country - Kerala to witness the enchanting backwater destinations and breathtaking Landscapes.

If you’re gagging for a cold beer, you can probably find it, but the gorgeous smoothies and mocktails are a healthier and more than sufficient alternative.

My favourite was a Mambazha Rasayanam, made with fresh mango, mint and sugar and topped with soda water.

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Kerala is a land famous for its flourishing culture and traditions with many religious monuments and temples.

I ate a medley of 17 different foods spread across a large banana leaf (easily rivalling the meals I’d enjoyed in Kochi) before climbing aboard a canoe and heading down the narrow backwaters.

For an hour, as the sun was beginning to set, we passed swollen paddy fields, colourful houses and squealing children, occasionally taking photos but mostly just soaking it all in.

The main reason for international and Indian tourists to visit South India is the backwaters of Kerala that are created by the interlocking of lakes and water bodies.

To enjoy life in water and to stay in the houseboats, the locations that you must visit are Kollam, Alappuzha, Ku The Devine places wrapped in exquisiteness of nature draws people from all over the world.

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