Tips dating independent women

Being an independent woman, and a happy one at that, is the most important person you can be. And never brings a book to hide behind, because restaurants are for eating, not pretending to read a book as some sort of safety blanket. Because nothing says killjoy like waiting for your traveling buddy to get ready in the morning or throw a minor fit because she wasn’t at the La Sagrada Familia exactly at 11.

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If he is truly an independent man, he’s probably not cheating on you.Other bylines include: Harper's Bazaar, Your Tango, The Atlantic, Forbes, You Beauty, Huffington Post, The Frisky, and Black Book.Let’s face it: independent men drive us, women, wild. His rugged spirit and dogged determinism are more than enough to sweep you off your feet.You don’t have to wait for people, you never put yourself second, and your complete self-awareness keeps you always doing your thing —happily so. She never waits around for some guy to call or text. If not, she’s not going to stare at phone, get all upset, and cry herself to sleep. She doesn’t have to be someone’s girlfriend, so she wants someone who can stand on their own two feet, too, equal in their own independence. If you can’t come to the party a whole person and you need to be reassured and cradled like a needy kid, then you’re out the door. Amanda Chatel Amanda is a writer who divides her time between NYC and Paris.She's a regular contributor to Bustle, Glamour, Mic, and Livingly.

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