Updating access table

Allow Value List Edits is optional, but it can help you quickly edit list items in Data View.

You can do it with Combo Box or List Box, as both Properties in Lookup tab are extremely similar (both allow multiple selection).

Click Finish Now go back to the Design View of Job_data Table In the Lookup tab of Employee_ID field, the Display Control has changed to Combo Box, and Row Source becomes a SQL statement.(Row Source is what you can select in Combo Box) If you don’t know SQL, click on the …button on the right of Row Source, then you will go to Query Builder interface. Qty_mt) AS Sum Of Qty_mt FROM Orders INNER JOIN Order Detail ON Orders. Open Recordset(sql, db Open Dynaset) With rst Do Until rst. Order Detail Status = "Allokeer" Then sql = "UPDATE [Inventory CT] SET [Stock Allocated] = " & !

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