Updating data from one table to another

Next, build the query like the one below: This query will update the MFG field in the Bot table with the value in the MFG field in the Big table when the PART values match.

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It is simple enough to do so record by record but can I do so using something similar to the INSERT INTO ...

SELECT type of query that does everything in one go?

I am using Table T1 to insert or update the data inthe Table T2 (which has a unique key column -c1 c2) in oracle 8.1.7. COM merge into t1 2 using t2 3 on ( t2.object_id = t1.object_id ) 4 when matched then 5 update set t1.object_name = t2.object_name 6 when not matched then 7 insert (object_id, object_name) values( t2.object_id, t2.object_name); 29317 rows merged. In my case Table T1 (staging table with 300 columns) will have 200 thousand rows every day for insert or update to thehistory table T2 ( 280 columns) that has 10 Million historical rows. May 10, 2004 - pm UTC nologging is not a hint.nologging will *never* be useful for an do realize your update sets a.mid_table_id to either: a) itself (you selected a.mid_table_id again) b) null if nothing exists in bprobably *not* what you meant?

You can select multiple tables by holding down the Update Query from the popup menu.

I put a primary key on B(id) because if there is NO SUCH constraint -- the update is totally ambigous -- if there is more then 1 value of B1 in B for a given ID -- we cannot tell what row in B should be used to update the row in A. dear sir , Acually my problem is huge that that simple , i just try to give u a sample of my problem.i just need to know the best way to update some column value that depends on other columns value in same table (or /and ) in other tables .specially when one of them is a date.i do made a script that run every day at 5 am. March 21, 2004 - pm UTC they are derived columns and should not be stored -- especially something like "20 years old flag" as that can change at any is, and will remain, my answer unless you give me a real world scenario that would demand otherwise (the 20 year old flag should NOT be stored, period) Hi I have three tables, A, B and CA is parent of B and C, A has a composite PK deptno and dname I would like to know if following delete SQLs are equivalent1.------------------------------------------delete bwhere(deptno, dept_name) in (select a.deptno, dname from a, c where a.deptno = c.deptno and a.dname = c.dept_name);2.-----------------------------------------delete bwheredeptno = (select a.deptno from a, c where a.deptno = c.deptno and dname = dpt_name)and dept_name = (select a.dname from a, c where a.deptno = c.deptno and a.dname = c.dpt_name); Are they :-?

Given that, we can:[email protected] select * from a 2 / ID A1---------- ------------------------- 1 Hello 2 World The following updates are equivalent as well - they do the same thing differently. March 22, 2004 - am UTC hows about this -- you write out in english what each one does -- write the "specs" if you will that describe what each query does.

This works fine when I try to update all the records in tbl A, however, in this case I only have missing data which I have identified and populated in tbl B.

When I try to update only the missing data the non-matched data is also updated but to NULL. The reason some of your rows are getting NULLs updated is due to the subquery.

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