Updating mepis

The test machine was an Athlon 900Mhz, with 256MB ram, onboard AC97 audio, a flyvideo98 TV Card and a TNT2 graphics card (Yes I know its time to upgrade that). Mepis comes with two cds, only the first is needed though, with the second disk having additional software you can install once you have a hard drive installation.

I’ve been using linux on and off for 3 or 4 years now and so am fairly adept at using linux, but might struggle if left with nothing but a command line.

Some of you may recall a few bumps in the road in the past for MEPIS and the MEPIS community.

Dotmepis.org, set out to fill a niche for the MEPIS community by providing community developed packages and kernels for advanced users.

Lilo is installed as the bootloader and installed fine, including automatically adding my windows partition.

Upon booting from the hard drive the first thing I noticed was the lack of bootsplash, not a major point I’ll admit, but having one does add a touch of professionalism and polish, and is easily disabled by those who get satisfaction seeing the kernel messages zooming by.

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Odd that you would feel a release such as this to be a hinderance to your community, but it is obvious by the announcement that this must have been what took place.

The question remains to be answered: Will MEPIS ever be a true Community driven open source flavor of Linux?

Alternatively there is an option to automatically install to your entire hard drive.

A second issue with the install is that it only allows installation on one hard drive, so I couldn’t use my already existing swap partition on my second hard drive, but had to create a new swap partition It also only lets you chose your /root, swap and /home partitions, while this didn’t bother me others may find this lack of flexibility in creating partitions annoying.

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